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Information Applying For Staff [Guide]
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This thread covers how you can apply for most positions on the network. Some ranks like Developer are done differently due to being a paid position. So always read the description for the position you're applying for carefully and ask questions to our administration team if needed!

Part 1 - Requirements:

Depending on the position you apply for, it has different requirements you must meet. These requirements are just the bare minimum to consider your application for possible selection. We pick the candidates we feel are the best out of the bunch. So going above and beyond the minimum requirements boosts your likelihood of application approval!

Regardless of the rank, we have general requirements for all positions. For more details about requirements, please go here.

Part 2 - The Application:

So you have met all the requirements for the position and are ready to send an application! You can make an application at https://celestialskies.co/apply/! However, we have some tips to help you out.

Think of the application as part of a first impression! With that said, be sure to make a great first impression because that can be a big factor in whether your application makes it to the interview phase.

Avoid these things as they can likely get your application denied:

  • Lie or bad grammar.
  • Say "contact me for more information."
  • Ask someone else to write your application.
  • Copy someone else's application.
  • Write essays. We love to hear what you can bring to the team, but please keep your responses to 2 paragraphs (~10 sentences) at most!

For Builder and Developer: Show us what you’ve done for the position you’re applying for. Your work can vary between a website, a Minecraft building, a plugin you made, etc. These things will show that you're interested in becoming a staff member of our team and have strong experience.

Lastly, be very descriptive! Give detail to questions that require detailed answers, such as, “Why should we add you as a staff member?” This can help strengthen your application and make it way more eye-catching!

Part 3 - Application Viewing:

By this part, you've submitted your application and are waiting to hear from our administration/management team. At this stage, you should be patient in awaiting a response.

This means not asking a staff member to view your application or even advertising it, for instance. Doing so will decrease your chances of being considered for the interview stage. If at least a week has passed since applications closed, and you haven't received a response, then feel free to send a friendly check-in message to an admin or higher.

We start to view applications once they are closed and go through them all before sending out responses telling whether your application moves to the interview.

If you get approval for the interview, then congratulations! This means we would like to get to know you more, give you a chance to expand your application, and allow you to ask questions you have about your applied position.

If you don't get approval, then you'll be able to re-apply during the next application period.


We hope this helps you with how to apply for our staff team! We wish you good luck in this process!

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