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Announcement Discord & Staff Requirement Updates
Ultimation Stargazer
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Discord: Ultimation#1600
9 months ago

Hello again!

We've been hard at work improving our discord and the network as a whole and now we're able to share a few more things we've done! For more information on discord changes, refer to our discord: https://discord.com/invite/NUzWHFV

  • Devotion Roles (basically level roles).
  • Ticket Support System.
  • Changed Discord Linking in way of our Devotion Roles (use /discord link on either Skies or Skirmish to link your Discord to MC).



We've been launched for 3 months now, but we always like seeing more people online! I thought about this by giving a fun challenge I have for you! This is an invite challenge that starts right now and lasts thru July 17th! If you like a challenge, you can learn more about how to participate and what you get in return by seeing #invite-info on our discord!



We changed our staff requirements to allow those under 16 (but not younger than 14) to join our team in non-paid positions (eg. Moderator). Maturity and common sense will be a big must in this case. However, we may not give this exception for positions that require higher expectations (eg. Administrator).


We also decided to change our activity requirement. For now, we'll require that the length of time from when you first join the network to when you submit your application be at least 3 days.


Hopefully, this will allow some of you to apply as we still need people, especially for our moderation team! For more info about how to join our team, see https://www.celestialskies.co/forum/topic/2-applying-for-staff-%5bguide%5d/#post-2.



That's it for now! We appreciate everyone sticking around and we ask for your continued support as we continue evolving the network as a whole. Whether it's suggestions you have, bugs you found, or even donating at https://store.celestialskies.co. Feel free to join the network in-game with the IP play.celestialskies.co with versions 1.16.4-1.18.2!


Until next time,

Jacob | Ultimation

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