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Information Urgent Announcement Server Rework!
ReallyCryptic Owner Supernova
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Discord: ReallyCryptic#7206
5 months ago

With much consideration, we've decided to go back into an active stage of development and the server won't be accessible for a period of time until we deem it can be enjoyable for all.


We launched way too early and we feel we can make the server much better. There's no estimated time for when we'll be relaunching, but when we get closer to that time, we'll be announcing that time.


The discord will still be available for the public, but posts regarding updates and news will be limited to our new "Blog" section right here on our website, so be sure to keep an eye on that if you want to be kept up to date on progress first hand!


We'll launch in a better state than ever before and we hope you'll stick around with us for when we relaunch again.


Thanks for being a part of the initial development stage and making clear of what we need to go next! We won't be going anywhere any time soon.



The Celestial Skies Administration Team