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Information Avoiding timeouts & kicks [Guide]
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12 months ago

If when you're connecting to the network you're getting timed out, make sure:

  • You are using Minecraft version 1.16.4-1.18.2.
  • You are using a legitimate copy of Minecraft (eg. non-cracked versions).
  • Inside the 'Edit Server Info' screen set 'Server Resource Packs:' to either Enabled or Prompt

To get to the 'Edit Server Info' page when you are on the multiplayer screen, click once to highlight our server, then at the bottom click the 'Edit' button. (If you set this to prompt make sure you accept the resource pack once you're on the server.)

  • Make sure you're not using any malicious mods.
  • Make sure you're not using a client. 

If you've followed these steps and you're still unable to connect to the network then make sure you contact a member of our staff team and we will work to help you get on!

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