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_Kayden 12 months ago
Ultimation is a confident player. He works really hard, and deserves recognition in the strive of positivity. Never underestimate him.
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About Me:An 18-year-old who codes in Minecraft, enjoys time with family, and friends, and helps others.
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Hello again!

We've been hard at work improving our discord and the network as a whole and now we're able to share a few more things we've done! For more information on discord changes, refer to our discord: https://discord.com/invite/NUzWHFV

  • Devotion Roles (basically level roles).
  • Ticket Support System.
  • Changed Discord Linking in way of our Devotion Roles (use /discord link on either Skies or Skirmish to link your Discord to MC).



We've been launched for 3 months now, but we always like seeing more people online! I thought about this by giving a fun challenge I have for you! This is an invite challenge that starts right now and lasts thru July 17th! If you like a challenge, you can learn more about how to participate and what you get in return by seeing #invite-info on our discord!



We changed our staff requirements to allow those under 16 (but not younger than 14) to join our team in non-paid positions (eg. Moderator). Maturity and common sense will be a big must in this case. However, we may not give this exception for positions that require higher expectations (eg. Administrator).


We also decided to change our activity requirement. For now, we'll require that the length of time from when you first join the network to when you submit your application be at least 3 days.


Hopefully, this will allow some of you to apply as we still need people, especially for our moderation team! For more info about how to join our team, see https://www.celestialskies.co/forum/topic/2-applying-for-staff-%5bguide%5d/#post-2.



That's it for now! We appreciate everyone sticking around and we ask for your continued support as we continue evolving the network as a whole. Whether it's suggestions you have, bugs you found, or even donating at https://store.celestialskies.co. Feel free to join the network in-game with the IP play.celestialskies.co with versions 1.16.4-1.18.2!


Until next time,

Jacob | Ultimation

Discord & Staff Requirement Updates 9 months ago

Yes, it's generally a good idea that if you won something and you didn't get it, you show proof to show you aren't trying to scam or cause fraud.

Anywho, turns out, the tag was deleted without me knowing about it, so I went ahead and restored it! You should be able to see and select it now!

Locking the thread since this has been resolved.

Voting Tag 11 months ago

Happy Friday everyone!

We hope everyone had a great week! During these almost 2 weeks of our public beta launch, we've been working on implementing fixes, improvements, and some suggestions reported to us. This announcement covers them (or at least most of them because we can't keep track of everything xD)! One major highlight change is that we now have realm tours!

So now you can tour both Skyblock and Skirmish to learn more about how to play, get to certain places, and be successful! The full changelog is below!:


Network Changes:

- Tours are now live on the network, which can now help knowing how to play the network easier.

- When joining the queue, you are now teleported to the spawn of the queue lobby.


Skyblock Changes:

- Leveling is now easier for your first 15 levels.

- (BETA) Random goody drops now have a chance to spawn on your island, open or break for rewards! Please use this with caution.

- NPCs that you frequently speak to can have their dialogue skipped.

- There is now a double souls event where no matter of rank, you can access the Soul Shrine and get double the souls for 24 hours on two days of the month from there (the 8th and the 28th at midnight England time)!

- There's now a playable tutorial to see how things such as crafting, items, and mobs work! You can access this tutorial by speaking to Gavin at /spawn!

- Added Item display via command and chat with /displayitem or [item] in the chat.

- Many new crafting recipes and construction options were added.

- Fixed an issue with saving wisp when the server reboots.

- Temporarily Disabled Interdimensional Travel Menu while some issues are addressed.


Skirmish/KitPvP Changes:

- Swords, Bows, and Armor are now unbreakable and the repair system has been removed. If you've gotten these items before (eg. swords from kits, slaughter rush, or cavern of remembrance), try reclaiming them from where you got them from (eg. if you got them from a kit, open /kits and reclaim the kit).

- The tutorial is now completely optional (even though it technically was already xD). It's still strongly recommended though to understand the structure of the realm!

- Most of the bosses (except for Blind Zombie and Webber) have received a health cut to help make fighting them easier.

- Fixed the crate armor sets not being given. Thanks, @Madisonn_ for reporting this! You can now claim these sets in /kits under the Crate Kits category when you win them in crates!

- Warzone mobs should no longer target you if you are in your base or a PVP safe zone.

Also, we now have an animated trailer showcasing the Skyblock part of the network! One for Skirmish will be available in the future! You can view this trailer by clicking here! Credit goes to ReallyCryptic!

Have a great Easter if you celebrate it and feel free to report any more bugs or suggestions you have! :)

Tours, Improvements, Fixes, and more! 11 months ago

As of April 14th, 2022 at 6:43 pm CDT, the crate armor sets are now implemented in /kits! You can view them all through the /kits menu under the Crate Kits category!

I'll now be locking this thread. Feel free to report any more bugs you find! Thanks again! :)

Not recieving items on Skirmish! 11 months ago

Hi, Madison!

So that armor set is complete (along with the other crate armor sets), but I made it as a kit in another plugin. They were first made back when the main kits for the classes were custom-coded, so I didn't think about transferring them over. I'll either give them through a command or have them be available via /kits after I make some changes to the armor pieces themselves. I'll make a set decision when I'm home.

In the meantime, you should have the armor pieces, but as I said, they will be changed. So if I decide to make it accessible via /kits, you'll need to reclaim the set through there. Otherwise, if it's just a command that runs when you land on the set, I'll regive the set.

Thanks for reporting the bug!


EDIT (6:55 pm CDT): I did decide to make the armor sets kits you can claim in /kits, but some complications came up. I have started to reach out to the kit plugin's support and am awaiting them to allow me a place to explain the issue further. For now, I have modified the crates to give the armor sets when it rolls successfully. I have also given you the new armor set, so you can get rid of the old one you got. Thanks again for reporting the bug! I'll keep you in the loop of progress on Discord, but for now, since there's technically a fix, I'll mark this as fixed!

Not recieving items on Skirmish! 11 months ago